Food Guides for Venezuela

The National Institute of Nutrition and the Cavendes Foundation in 1991, joined forces to publish the “Food Guides for Venezuela”, the result of the effort of a group of nutrition professionals from the National Institute of Nutrition, the Cavendes Foundation, the Central University of Venezuela and the Simón Bolívar University.

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They are the practical expression of nutrition knowledge and represent the reference of content for nutrition education. It contains 12 Guides with 40 educational messages on the following topics: varied diet, food shopping, importance of proper weight, family feeding practices, breastfeeding, total fat consumption, hygienic practices in food handling.

These Guidelines were developed based on the nutritional goals desirable for the country, in this sense it is stated “If the Guidelines are followed by a large part of the population, the established nutritional goals can be achieved.” The target group is the general population, whatever their social and economic status, even though most of the messages cover a wide spectrum of the population with certain risks of chronic non-communicable diseases. They are recommendations for a healthy diet, without prohibitions or dogmatisms, adapted to local conditions, habits and customs and to the gastronomic tradition, in order to contribute to a better quality of life.

They are:

  1. Eat a varied diet daily.
  2. Eat just enough to maintain an adequate weight.
  3. Eat preferably with your family group.
  4. Practice hygienic habits when handling food.
  5. Manage your money well in selecting and buying food.
  6. Breast milk is the best food for children under six months of age.
  7. It is enough to eat foods of animal origin, in moderate quantities.
  8. Use vegetable oils in the preparation of your meals and avoid excess fat of animal origin.
  9. Get the fiber your body needs from the plant foods you eat every day.
  10. Moderate your salt intake.
  11. Water is essential for life and its consumption helps maintain health.
  12. Alcoholic beverages are not part of a healthy diet
  1. Eat a varied diet daily
    • Food depends fundamentally on eating habits, on knowledge about the nutritional value of food, on economic resources and on the availability of food in the market.
    • Combinations of foods, even in small amounts, improve the nutritional value of the diet.
    • The variety of foods makes the diet pleasant, stimulates the appetite and guarantees the adequate consumption of nutritional substances that promote growth, development and good health.
    • Creole dishes, such as pabellón (beans, meat, rice, banana) when combining different foods, provide enough nutritional substances, which allow satisfying the nutritional needs of the family to a large extent.
  2. Eat just enough to maintain an adequate weight
    • Eating well and maintaining the right weight prevents diseases caused by a deficit or excess in food.
    • A poor diet reduces resistance to disease, slows growth and development, affects productivity at work, and impairs performance in school and sports.
    • Eating too much and a sedentary life favors the appearance of overweight, obesity, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes and cancer.
    • Submitting to fast weight loss diets, without medical-nutritional control, is a health risk.
  3. As preferably with your family group
    • Let’s rescue the custom of family meals. If the act of eating is a material satisfaction, doing it as a family is a spiritual satisfaction.
    • Eating with the family strengthens the bonds of affection, favors communication and makes family life a unity of purpose and harmony.
  4. Practice hygienic habits when handling food
    • Handle food hygienically to avoid contamination by microbes that cause many intestinal diseases.
    • Take extra care when handling foods that are easily contaminated and spoiled.
    • Store foods that are not going to be eaten at the moment hygienically. Put each food or preparation separately in a suitable place.
    • Avoid buying and consuming processed foods that come in torn bags or in dented, bulging, or rusty containers, or when the expiration date has passed.
  5. Manage your money well when choosing and buying food
    • Make a list of the foods you need. Before you go shopping, find out about places that offer the same quality, lower prices.
    • To make more use of your money, buy food that, in addition to energy, provides you with other nutrients, such as cereals and grains.
    • Buy the fruits and vegetables of the time. It’s better for your health and your pocketbook.
    • When you have to eat at work, bring prepared food home.
  6. Breast milk is the best food for children under six years of age
    • Breast milk should be the first food given to the child after delivery.
    • During the first six months the child should be fed breast milk; it is more nutritious, hygienic, contributes to their emotional formation and is cheaper.
    • Frequent sucking is the best stimulus to offer the baby the amount of milk he needs.
    • Breastfeeding should be given exclusively up to six months and supplemented with other foods up to one year.
  7. It is enough to eat foods of animal origin, in moderate quantities
    • The proteins, iron, calcium and vitamins A and B contained in foods of animal origin are of excellent nutritional quality, but it is sufficient to consume them in moderate quantities.
    • Among the foods of animal origin, fish is one of the most advisable.
    • Milk provides essential nutrients for children, adolescents, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly; It is not essential for adults, who can substitute it for other foods such as eggs, fish and grains.
  8. Use vegetable oils in the preparation of your meals and avoid excess fats of animal origin
    • Fats are essential for the proper functioning of the body; They provide energy, help the use of some vitamins and flavor foods.
    • The excessive consumption of fats is harmful to health. Use them in moderation.
    • To prepare food prefer vegetable oils. Do not abuse the consumption of sausages, or visible fats in fresh and canned meats.
  9. Get the fiber your body needs from the plant foods you eat daily
    • Fiber is a component of plant-based foods that has beneficial effects in regulating intestinal function and reducing the risk of gastrointestinal diseases, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.
    • Include grains, fruits, vegetables, greens or cereals in the daily diet to guarantee the body the necessary fiber.
    • Fiber is attributed many benefits, however the abuse in the consumption of foods and products rich in it, can produce unfavorable health effects.
  10. Moderate your salt intake
    • Excessive salt intake is linked to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.
    • Use less salt in food preparation and avoid adding it when at the table. This is particularly important in foods intended for children.
    • Moderate the consumption of foods preserved with salt, as well as canned and sausages.
  11. Water is essential for life and its consumption helps maintain health
    • Water is essential for our body and you cannot live for a long time without consuming it. It is advisable to drink two liters of liquid per day, of which half should be water.
    • Fever, vomiting and diarrhea cause excessive loss of body fluids, especially in children. In these cases, the amount of fluids supplied should be increased, such as water, breast milk, fruit juice, infusions and oral rehydration salts.
    • It is important to boil drinking water, especially that intended for children; for adults the water can be filtered.
  12. Alcoholic beverages are not part of a healthy diet
    • Alcohol only provides undesirable calories for the body.
    • Spending on alcoholic beverages reduces the money spent on family meals.
    • If you are suspected of being pregnant, do not drink alcoholic beverages; it can affect the health of your unborn child.

Venezuelan cuisine is varied. On this page we simply describe some of the most common typical dishes. Below we offer you a link to a page with many Venezuelan recipes. We hope they are appreciated.



The arepa is Venezuelan bread. Made with a mass of corn flour. It can be baked, grilled or fried. It can be eaten alone or stuffed as in this photograph.


Hallaca (or Hayaca) is the traditional Christmas dish. A corn flour paste is prepared, spread in small proportions and filled with a sauce made up of different ingredients such as meat, chicken, almonds, olives, capers. At the end, it is covered with plantain leaves and tied and cooked. Each one keeps a recipe, and of course the best hallaca and my mother’s. It is a tradition that in the first days of December the whole family gathers to prepare the Hallaca. They are stored in the freezer and then eaten during the month.


Pabellón (Pavilion)

pabellon2.jpg (8566 bytes)

It is considered by many to be the national dish. It consists of shredded and seasoned meat, served with black beans and rice. It can also be served with slices of fried plantain that surround the dish, and in this case it is called “a pabellón with railing”.


Cachapa is made with fresh corn, water and sugar. Looks like omelette. It usually heats up on the grill and folds up, placing white cheese such as mozzarella in the middle.



In any self-respecting festival, these famous “pasapalos” must be present, consisting of small square slices of white cheese covered with a sheet of wheat flour dough. They are fried in oil until the cheese melts.

Empanadas (stuffed puff pastry)

> The “empanadas” in Venezuela are fried. Their content varies, but the most common are seasoned meat, cheese or cazón (a small shark)


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With the lights off its night vision arrive at isn’t the most grounded, and it’s a melancholy, shadowy picture. Furthermore, there are no alternatives in the application to modify the presentation of the sensor, which is something of a mistake – however the shading profundity isn’t sufficient to demolish film totally.

To the extent the application goes, D-Link has plainly attempted to give it an appealing edge, and we need to offer credit to its capacity to show what’s happening from up to four cameras one after another. It tends to be clumsy and delayed to use now and again – with the way toward interfacing with the camera for a live view somewhat drowsy now and again.

That is the terrible news, yet there’s a lot of good. That center takes seconds to set up, and apparently offers more than Arlo’s proportionate since it reflects Arlo’s microSD reinforcement choices yet additionally incorporates a USB port for hard drive recording.

There’s a focal 100db alarm here as well (hushed by the top catch) which could be useful if your cameras are totally mounted outside – and doing so isn’t an issue, with each conveying an IP65 rating that implies they’ll withstand a fly from a hose. For fixing, you have the choice of either a solid attractive ball mount or a standard tripod screw.

At the value it retails for, this solid center usefulness makes this a solid mid-run contender in the event that you would prefer not to spend a lot of yet at the same time need extraordinary compared to other surveillance cameras available.

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